Away from U

Some say that distance disturbs and that because of it love does not exist, but it is because of the distance that the kisses begin to be dreamed and the hugs so desired. The meeting become desires. The heart becomes one. Loneliness may even knock on your door once or twice, but the certainty of having each other make any loneliness go away. The plans begin to be made, with the certainty that they will be fulfilled.
And to think that we are each in a corner of the world, it is as if we are together, the whole time. The words worth a lot, they worth everything, they are said, with the certainty of the answer. Happiness is great, but it is not measured for days or years, but for moments. There may be millions upon millions of miles, but the feeling can be a billion times greater. Distance is something that only those who can overcome, understand. The value of a photo, or a letter, only those who live know the value of a true love.


… I’m not going to say good night to you today!
Well, I know you’ll only see my message tomorrow.
I wanted to tell you that I could not sleep. I got scared.
I tried to sleep, but sleep stubbornly didn’t come.
I got sad! And now? What to do without sleep? Without it there is no dream.
Without the dream, I can just miss you. Miss you? I have an idea!
Your photos. I found it! I stared at them for hours.
My eyes were closing.
“Hi! How did you get here?
How did you get into my room?

I did not hold my hands.
Your face!
Your mouth!
Why are you leaving? ”
Oops! I was sad again. Was a dream. I have an idea! The dream!
“I can smell your perfume. Wow! I dreamed again! ”
I already know! My bed. There I can stay close to you.
Even away. Even being a dream!
Tomorrow? I don’t want the sun.
I want the moon again.
The sun calls to me. The moon brings my sleep.
My dream.
I’m sleepy.
I will dream.

“I will find you.
Without being a dream.
One day!”


Some say that distance disturbs and that because of it love does not exist. Or it does not last long but, because of the distance that: The kisses, begin to be dreamed. I will not lie, the distance is difficult. But that does not mean it’s unbearable. For in the encounter I imagine that we will not think about anything else,
Only in enjoying the company of the person.
There will be no time for fights, arguments and etc, just enjoy each other.
Small actions, gestures, events, will be special.
That movie that we are going to watch, that milkshake that we are going to share …
Things that to many seem ridiculous, but to those who live a relationship at a distance are things that when they are remembered will come a smile, and next to that smile turns a look, and next to that look will see that magnificent kiss.
Exactly like it was the couple’s first kiss.
So think carefully, look at the positive things in the distance.
And do not be afraid to simply surrender for a few miles.
But here is a very important warning: Trust is everything.


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