Be happy with your own company

Look for your happiness, but do not look for it in someone. You will always be your best company. There is no one who knows and deserves to like you so much besides yourself. Not everyone will understand you – you do not even understand yourself at times – not everyone will agree with you, and that’s fine.

Not everyone will like you. There are people who want to hurt you without you know. There are people who do not celebrate your victories, or worse, pretend to celebrate. And? This is your life, where you were born and will die alone. Waiting for understanding or any kind of help from another person is a lot for this world. There are so many people and so many different ways of seeing the same life.

The biggest challenge is to be able to align expectations. And then one day you’ll meet someone to sit next to you on the subway and make this moment something happier to do. You meet someone to watch a movie on a weekend afternoon with you.

You find someone with a hand to walk your way through the streets. This someone will do such a good for you. Go tell you that he loves you. How good to know such a thing! And then, suddenly, this person can leave your life in the same way he entered: in the interval of a blink of an eye.

Or that someone can stay and can become the last new person in your life. Who knows about the end?

But, your life will not end if the thing does not mesh. This is not your end. In fact, the best part of the end is to know that it is a new beginning. And how good it is to start over! How good it is to be able to do on Tuesday everything you could not do on Monday. As it is good to say now, everything you can not say yesterday.

So you should not expect for your happiness, you should go after it. Laying on the sleeves is little, you have to tear them apart. You do not have to wait for anyone to do anything to you, go there and do it. You do not have to wait for them to call you if you feel like you need to calling.

You do not have to wait for them to call you in the chat to talk if you felt like you have to calling. You just have to be real and do with them what you would like them to do with you. There your conscience makes the choice.

What’s good for you may not be good for someone else. Look how wonderful it is this life!

What you seem to hate is everything someone else likes! And what someone else loves, you do not give a damn.

Be happy.
But before you’re happy you need to be you, and the happiness will come after naturally.

There are people who will like you, there are people who do not, but you will always end up being what you are, instead of being what they would like you to be.



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