About being and existing

If the human being becomes stagnant, he will lose his energy.
If you do not renew yourself or add more knowledge to your soul, you will fail to fulfill your commitment to yourself and to the creator and will remain stationary.

“It is not only Religion that fully expresses the reality of God.”
Is there a mystical dimension in human existence?
If the world is full of meanings not yet put, what if we really interact with a disembodied intelligence?
This may be the greatest philosophical question of the age of scientific materialism.
What if the claims of the religions of the world’s are in fact true? What would be of the History then? Is it possible to examine creation in the light of creationism, without it being readily dismissed as absurd by scientists?
What if other great clamors are also true?
Did Joan of Arc really defeat the British armies under the guidance of angels?
Of course it is not possible to scientifically prove extraordinary events, but be able to connect them into a historical narrative with a coherent explanation of the world that counterposes the scientifically correct and conventional explanation?
Is it possible to construct a meaningful narrative in departures from angelic interventions of mystical visions and supernatural experiences – The garbage discarded by historians?
Is it possible to follow the same standards in today’s world? Do the great spiritual beings still intervene in a decisive way as they intervened in the life of Joan of Arc and Moses?
In addition to living at the intersection of the mental plane with the physical plane, we move from one plane to the other.
What is more real? The mind or the matter?
Considering this thought, are we here because the universe made us the way we are or the universe is just the way it is because it aims to create us?
Is the mind the main constituent of the universe? Are the foundations of moral laws are connected by the universe itself, or are we who invented it?
Arguing is different from not believing. So far, it is not new.
The human being is empty and vague, within religious standards and dogmas, without learning the true meaning of divine energy, without direction, without faith. Dead and opaque in essence.
The popular does not know how to speak of God without defining it as something, when it is not one thing and all at the same time.

Author: Juliany Braga


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